Velociraptor Facts – More than just a Dinosaur

Velociraptors become popular because of their claws. They look nasty and they never fail to terrify anyone in a snap. For those who have seen the movie, the Jurassic Park, they can freely make a reference to that. However, the only difference is that in real life, Velociraptors are really small in nature. They are even compared to a turkey for that matter. The discovery of their fossils helped a lot in supporting various Velociraptor facts. There are still more to them actually. What are these?

Velociraptor is a name that refers to swift seizer. The existence of this creature was first traced 73 million years ago. These were from Velociraptor. They were found during the Cretaceous Period.

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Needless to say, the Velociraptor has played a crucial role in the movie of Jurassic Park. The only bothering though was that this was not shown inaccurately. They were not just large creatures so to speak. They are not only human-sized. The truth was is that they were only synonymous to turkey. This was played differently in the movie.

Whenever the Velociraptor is in full growth, it could reach almost 2 meters or almost 6.6ft. This was how they were in length. They can weigh up to almost 15 kg or in short, 33 lb. This is said to be capable of killing prey. This comes with a claw which is sickle shape in nature. This is a rear in its feet anyway.

The very first fossil of Velociraptor was seen in Mongolian Gobi Desert. This occurred in the year 1922. If there is a famous fossil, it will be the ones which became the part of the Protoceratops battle. The logo and team of the NBA basketball team in Toronto were based on the said dinosaur.

The agility of the aforementioned dinosaur can be attributed to their large brain. As a matter of fact, they have the capacity to hunt. They can undertake this in packs actually. Whenever predators see them working together, they elicit fear. This is not surprising anymore. As they attack, it would be impossible to escape from them. This is how they have been ever since.

The back legs and long claws of velociraptors are just too powerful. These can just rip prey harmfully. As when they run, they are always seen lifting their claws back. This is how it has always been.

Their shorter legs are utilized for prey gripping. That is the very purpose of the mentioned. Their fingers always come in three. This makes it different from the usual dinosaurs stumbled around.

It is surprising to know that in China, there were fossils discovered pointing to the mentioned dinosaur as creatures with feathered quill knobs. Okay, do not get this wrong. This does not mean that they have the ability to fly. They could not. For most of the time, their feathers are meant for warmth. They also display such for future mating. That is what the display is usually for.