TV Fox Antenna Review – Is it Worth Your Money?

This is going to be a thorough look about one of the most popular digital TV antennas available in the market today. This TV Fox Antenna review will take a closer look at what makes this antenna so popular among TV fans. What advantages it has over the competitions and we will also mention the disadvantages if any.

Based on statistics, 1 in 4 homes has discontinued their cable subscription. They are no longer satisfied with what the cable companies are showing. With the prices that are constantly going up, they have decided to cut that connection.

Although hundreds of channels are offered by the cable companies, there are those channels that we y really cannot enjoy. Not because they are showing bad movies but because you cannot understand the language.

It is true that channels offered by the cable companies are digital, and it offers 4k support among premium channels. Yes, premium channels.

What is TV Fox Antenna?

TV Fox Antenna is a superior and reasonably priced indoor antenna. It offers multidirectional reception, which allows you to find the best position and placement of the antenna. It is still recommended that one should try to find the perfect signal, use the scan or seek function on the TV. Fun part of the TV Fox Antenna, it can be matched by the color of the interior of the house, for it is available in black or white color.

The range for the TV Fox Antenna is 30 miles or 48.28 kilometers and comes along with an amplifier that enables you to receive signals from 50 miles or 80.46 kilometers away.

As different TV station broadcasts their show, they break these information to pieces as being sent over the air. What the antenna does is to receive or intercept these signals. The antenna, in turn, will pass it on the TV, where the information is assembled and shown exactly how it was before it was sent.

But since we try to get free TV from different broadcast towers, we need to also conider your location. Since TV Fox Antenna utilizes the over-the-air signals, several factors should be considered. One is the terrain, other is power grid. If your place is near a power grid, for example, expect the degrading of the signals received by TV Fox Antenna.

TV Fox Antenna is an HD antenna that allows the reception of shows in high definition. It is also backward compatible. It boasts of its sleek and versatile design. It can be placed anywhere in your home, simply match the color or décor of your home to the color of the TV Fox Antenna.

Here is a list of possible channels that you may enjoy with your TV Fox Antenna:

  • Local News
  • Local Weather
  • TV Shows from CBS, ABC, PBS, NBC, Fox
  • Live Sports like NBA, NFL, NASCAR, Golf, MLB, NHL

Premium channels like Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, HBO, will not be available.

There are TV Fox Antenna reviews and testimonials available, many of them are positive. Many households choose to miss out on other channels or shows, over the price of the cable that they pay yearly – a never-ending increase by the cable companies.

The price of the TV Fox Antenna is $35.74. But if you buy two of these, the price is $27.50 each. The good thing about the TV Fox Antenna is it’s just a one-time payment, no monthly fees.

When you purchase the TV Fox Antenna, you will get everything you need to quickly get started. The package includes a 15 cm cable, a coaxial euro adapter. Simply plug the cable into the TV, and start watching your favorites in high definition.

Once you start to enjoy your TV Fox Antenna, you will get to watch all 1080p HD channels (where available).Whenever you struggle with the installation, TV Fox Antenna offers customer support with no extra costs. Just pay once, and you will get to watch so many local HD channels. To contact their customer service you may call 716-330-1335 or by email at [email protected].

How do you setup TV Fox Antenna?

  • Simply place it anywhere you like. You may put the adhesive tape once you have determined where to place it.
  • Scan or seek, you are now set.
  • With the installation so easy, and with the device that is 13”x12” big, it is ideal not only for homes but also for RVs or campers while traveling.


  • The Price;
  • Multidirectional reception;
  • Amplification for a strong signal;
  • 1080p HD channels;
  • Quick delivery; and
  • Backward compatible with non HD TV


  • It doesn’t offer 4k support and
  • They do not offer refunds

To process the exchange, you will be asked to show the proof of purchase or receipt. If it has been more than 30 days, you will not be able to have the product exchanged or returne.

On the official website, it says in the Terms and Conditions section, it stated that the company does not provide their customer money back guarantee or refunds. It only offers an Exchange Only Policy which is within 30 days from the date of delivery of the product. To avail of this Exchange Only Policy, you shouldn’t have used the item. It has to be in its original packaging and that it needs to be in the exact same condition when it was delivered to you.

There are a lot of HD TV Antenna. That is because of people of today stream the Internet to watch movies and other stuff. They would not want to pay a high price to watch TV anymore.

There are so many HD TV Antenna available in the market. This should give you options to choose what is best for you. This shall give you the freedom to choose which is the best antenna that works for you and in your place.

Among the HD TV, TV Fox Antenna has the lowest price. Basically, the radius of the different antenna are almost the same. Sleek and slim design, where it can be placed unnoticed, is also a standard among HD TV Antenna. The TV Fox Antenna has the advantage when it comes to the price, but fall short on the No Refund Policy, which the company does not provide.

Hope this TV Fox Antenna review has been helpful in letting you decide whether the service is for you or not.