American Alligator Facts – More than scary creatures

If there is one unsuccessful story of an endangered animal not protected from extinction, the American alligator can be set as a concrete example. Even if this is the case though, many are thriving in order to do something about the situation. This is very evident in the federal and state protections. The same is also the case with habitat preservation efforts. This is intended to somehow put a reduction in the demands and call for alligator products. Many American Alligator facts would support this claim. Many even believe that this is really effective.

The wild of the said species has been improved with the keenness and help of mankind. This should just be done considering the fact that the same group is responsible in threatening the lives of these alligators. These predators are menacing in nature. They have always been armored. Their bodies are synonymous to that of lizards. Their tails have always been muscular and their jaws can devour anything, be it big or small, because they are powerful like that. It is even obvious that they are scary basing on their very distant past.

Scientists found out that this sort of specie has been 150 million years old already. Their efforts in going away from extinction have been managed for 65 million years. They were even present during the prehistoric contemporaries. These were the times when the dinosaurs died.

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Most of these American alligators are found in freshwater. They can also live near the swamps, rivers, marshes and lakes. These are all situated in the southeastern part of the United States. This is further seen in Louisiana and Florida.


The weight of the mentioned can be out of this world. They are heavy. They can also stay in the waters because they can swim very well. They had adapted to it well. In such cases, males may reach up to 15 feet in length. As for the weight, it may be 1,000 pounds. There is just a difference for female American alligators because they can only reach for about 9.8 feet.

Their hatchlings on the other hand may be from the length of 6 to 8 inches. These are usually yellow. These may also come with black stripes. Their juveniles are always the favorite of predators. Among these are bobcats, birds and raccoons. There are also other alligators which may scare them off. This is one of the reasons why they live with their mothers for quite a long time, for two years to be exact.

A lot of these adult alligators are responsible for predation. This is just a crucial part of their entire biodiversity. It plays a vital role in their habitat. Usually, they can be fed through small mammals, fish, snakes and turtles. But then, there are instances when they can be opportunists in nature. They can be a real hungry gator. They can just eat anything they can. This may include pets and carrion. There are also reports of them devouring humans. This is why many can be a bit scared of them.