American Alligator Facts – More than scary creatures

If there is one unsuccessful story of an endangered animal not protected from extinction, the American alligator can be set as a concrete example. Even if this is the case though, many are thriving in order to do something about the situation. This is very evident in the federal and state protections. The same is also the case with habitat preservation efforts. This is intended to somehow put a reduction in the demands and call for alligator products. Many American Alligator facts would support this claim. Many even believe that this is really effective.

The wild of the said species has been improved with the keenness and help of mankind. This should just be done considering the fact that the same group is responsible in threatening the lives of these alligators. These predators are menacing in nature. They have always been armored. Their bodies are synonymous to that of lizards. Their tails have always been muscular and their jaws can devour anything, be it big or small, because they are powerful like that. It is even obvious that they are scary basing on their very distant past.

Scientists found out that this sort of specie has been 150 million years old already. Their efforts in going away from extinction have been managed for 65 million years. They were even present during the prehistoric contemporaries. These were the times when the dinosaurs died.

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Most of these American alligators are found in freshwater. They can also live near the swamps, rivers, marshes and lakes. These are all situated in the southeastern part of the United States. This is further seen in Louisiana and Florida.


The weight of the mentioned can be out of this world. They are heavy. They can also stay in the waters because they can swim very well. They had adapted to it well. In such cases, males may reach up to 15 feet in length. As for the weight, it may be 1,000 pounds. There is just a difference for female American alligators because they can only reach for about 9.8 feet.

Their hatchlings on the other hand may be from the length of 6 to 8 inches. These are usually yellow. These may also come with black stripes. Their juveniles are always the favorite of predators. Among these are bobcats, birds and raccoons. There are also other alligators which may scare them off. This is one of the reasons why they live with their mothers for quite a long time, for two years to be exact.

A lot of these adult alligators are responsible for predation. This is just a crucial part of their entire biodiversity. It plays a vital role in their habitat. Usually, they can be fed through small mammals, fish, snakes and turtles. But then, there are instances when they can be opportunists in nature. They can be a real hungry gator. They can just eat anything they can. This may include pets and carrion. There are also reports of them devouring humans. This is why many can be a bit scared of them.

Velociraptor Facts – More than just a Dinosaur

Velociraptors become popular because of their claws. They look nasty and they never fail to terrify anyone in a snap. For those who have seen the movie, the Jurassic Park, they can freely make a reference to that. However, the only difference is that in real life, Velociraptors are really small in nature. They are even compared to a turkey for that matter. The discovery of their fossils helped a lot in supporting various Velociraptor facts. There are still more to them actually. What are these?

Velociraptor is a name that refers to swift seizer. The existence of this creature was first traced 73 million years ago. These were from Velociraptor. They were found during the Cretaceous Period.

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Needless to say, the Velociraptor has played a crucial role in the movie of Jurassic Park. The only bothering though was that this was not shown inaccurately. They were not just large creatures so to speak. They are not only human-sized. The truth was is that they were only synonymous to turkey. This was played differently in the movie.

Whenever the Velociraptor is in full growth, it could reach almost 2 meters or almost 6.6ft. This was how they were in length. They can weigh up to almost 15 kg or in short, 33 lb. This is said to be capable of killing prey. This comes with a claw which is sickle shape in nature. This is a rear in its feet anyway.

The very first fossil of Velociraptor was seen in Mongolian Gobi Desert. This occurred in the year 1922. If there is a famous fossil, it will be the ones which became the part of the Protoceratops battle. The logo and team of the NBA basketball team in Toronto were based on the said dinosaur.

The agility of the aforementioned dinosaur can be attributed to their large brain. As a matter of fact, they have the capacity to hunt. They can undertake this in packs actually. Whenever predators see them working together, they elicit fear. This is not surprising anymore. As they attack, it would be impossible to escape from them. This is how they have been ever since.

The back legs and long claws of velociraptors are just too powerful. These can just rip prey harmfully. As when they run, they are always seen lifting their claws back. This is how it has always been.

Their shorter legs are utilized for prey gripping. That is the very purpose of the mentioned. Their fingers always come in three. This makes it different from the usual dinosaurs stumbled around.

It is surprising to know that in China, there were fossils discovered pointing to the mentioned dinosaur as creatures with feathered quill knobs. Okay, do not get this wrong. This does not mean that they have the ability to fly. They could not. For most of the time, their feathers are meant for warmth. They also display such for future mating. That is what the display is usually for.

Holiday Routines and Autism: Families of Autistic Children Schedule Christmas Traditions

What is your favorite part of the holidays? Perhaps you are drawn to the music and traditions of your faith. Perhaps you love the bustling crowds at the mall. Perhaps you enjoy making cookies for everyone in your neighborhood.

The child with autism has preferences as well. Of course, this is not news to the parents and siblings in their families. Children who are on the spectrum are often very oriented to routine. They also have strong preferences for certain activities and things. Many children with autism are drawn to the colorful lights. Many others love the movement of holiday decorations. Some have a favorite color (often red). Many love trains or things that dangle. Many children who are autistic love the repetition of a favored song CD or movie DVD. As you plan your holiday festivities this year, consider the favorite part of your child’s holiday.

Plan Ahead

As you create the holiday plan that is right for your family, remember that not everyday has to be crammed full of events. You do not have to attend the party for every group you even remotely belong to. The kids do not have to be in every program and performance.

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Choose some things that are favorites for each member of the family. Decide a schedule that includes a reasonable amount of “favorites” for everyone. Each sibling and parent needs a special part of the holiday to look forward to. Make a schedule that will guide family fun without overloading or overwhelming. If everyone knows ahead of time what to expect, it will be less stressful as your family participates in the planned events.

Explain the Plan

Create a family calendar that is easily read. In other words, choose the item(s) that vary from the normal schedule. Using one or two words or a simple sticker or picture can be enough. If your child uses the PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) you may be able to use some of the pictures to add to your family activity calendar.

Keep as Much of the Normal Routine as Possible

Look for ways to maintain the regular routine. The more things that are the same, the more everyone will enjoy the holiday variations. As much as possible, leave meals and bedtime as they normally are. Everyone needs enough rest during this hectic time of year, and having predictable meal routines can be comforting when the schedule is anything but the norm.