Outback Vision Protocol Review – Can you win your vision back?

Eye problem is quite a bit of a challenge as it prevents you to live your life to the fullest. Outback Vision Protocol promises to help you achieve a 20/20 vision in just 3 weeks, an appealing promise for those who is struggling with their eyesight. So let’s take a look. This Outback Vision Protocol review will tell you if it is worth your $37.

What is Outback Vision Protocol?

This e-book was launched on June 2017 and claims that they have found a way to restore your perfect vision in just 3 weeks. The author, Bill Campbell, shared that his wife, Lindsay, was able to restore her vision by following a diet.

The recipe is a natural smoothie made from old Australian Aboriginal health formula. It is primarily spinach, quandong fruit, kakadu plums, bush tomatoes, pigweed seeds and kangaroo meat.

Their website claims that this discovery is backed up by scientific research. They quote:

When you add foods rich in Lutein and Zeaxanthin to your diet, your eyes can fend off oxidative damage to repair and protect your vision against decline and disease. – University of Melbourne

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Bill Campbell: Does he exist?

NO! He does not. Unfortunately.

Even their own website did not mention anything about the author. So if this project is not a scam, then why is the author nowhere to be found?

All there is about Bill Campbell is that he is a former Sergeant in United States Marine Corps, nothing further. You cannot find him in any social media platform and is unable to be verified if he was really a part of the US Marine Corps.

Also, the man in the video presentation and the man shown in the picture don’t look much alike. Well, I guess that depends on who sees what. So be the judge.

Are the testimonials even real?

Guess what? They are not real!! Don’t you find the testimonials too staged to be genuine? Somehow, I feel like these 2 folks who gave their testimonies on video were reading from, I don’t know, teleprompter maybe. I just don’t buy these kind of testimonies.

I took time to browse thru other articles and found some Outback Vision Protocol Review also find this product as a scam.

Also, if you would check the reviews on Amazon.com abut this product, you will see all sorts of pissed off customers. Yes, these folks tried the product and were not satisfied with the results. Some even say that the ingredients were too expensive and hard to find.

Is it a scam or legit?

You be the judge. The company behind Outback Vision Protocol is the exact corporation responsible to other well-known scams such as ED Conqueror, Fat Burning Bible, Diabetes Destroyer etc. So, go ahead. Answer the question.

But it is backed up scientific research…

Outback Vision Protocol is based on a scientific study on 2006. In this research it was discovered that 2 compounds, lutein and zeaxanthin, can minimize the progress of age associated macular degeneration.

Unfortunately, Campbell removed the segment where the scientists mentioned in the exact statement that age, lifestyle and race are not only the elements that contribute to AMD. With this, it is clear that the management and prevention of AMD should not only focus on these elements.

Also, Campbell failed to state that the research did not consider lutein and zeaxenthin to change macular degeneration. Simply put, there is no real treatment for AMD. Though AREDS (Age Related Eye Disease Study) formulations may deter the progress of advanced AMD and may maintain your eyesight longer than expected.

So, the scientific basis of outback Vision Protocol does not even support their claim of getting back your 20/20 vision. As stated earlier on this review, the 2 compounds they are very much proud of can only slacken the progress of AMD and not cure it at all.

Now, do you see how a scammer can twist the truth just for an amount of money?

Advantages and Disadvantages

Fair enough, let’s try to discuss the benefits of this program.

Yes, it is for a cheap price. For only $37, you can ‘wish’ to get your perfect vision back in 3 weeks. Just keep on wishing.

They have a money back guarantee. Yes, I get that but, why spend $37 for something that will not even work? Why go thru the hassle of emailing them just to get a refund? Waste of time and effort, folks!

Disadvantages? Huh. I can tell you a lot! But let’s focus on these few.

Bill Campbell is nowhere to be found. I just can’t find anything about him on the net. As in N-O-N-E!

As I mentioned earlier, the testimonials were all staged. The company who pioneered this program is part of a very known scam empire.

The research they used to back up this program was twisted by the author and co-authors. Plus, the advertisement after the purchase is too much.

Final Thoughts …

Just please don’t waste your money, effort and time for this product. It is pretty much obvious as shown on this Outback Vision Protocol Review that the product is nothing but scam. Would you trust your eye’s future to someone who cannot show himself in public?

Plus I would never trust anything that does not reveal the entire truth to me just like how Campbell hid the fact that the 2 compounds their program relies to do not guarantee the return of your perfect vision ever.

Well, yeah! It is just $37 but hey, why not just have yourself checked by a professional instead of going thru the hassle of buying this program, then looking for the not so common ingredients and prepare the recipe by yourself.

You might also want to check the Amazon website for Outback Vision Protocol and read several buyer’s comments and feedback if this review is not enough for you.

If by any chance you have already purchased this deceiving program, feel free to visit their website, https://outbackvisionprotocol-official.com.

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