REVIEW: Herpes Blitz Protocol (by Josh Parker) – Is it Worth to Try?

Herpes Blitz Protocol designed by Josh Parker, a former army officer, was created purposely to help a person infected by Herpes, with the easy-to-find natural ingredients. This tool relieves the symptoms of the disease and eventually, eliminate the causative agent as fast as 21 days. It works like a treatment plan where you have some guides to follow and amazingly, it is based on the Moroccan Ingredients, as he found out that they are powerful enough to strengthen yourself against the said virus. In this Herpes Blitz Protocol Review, you would learn more about it as we discuss it one by one.

The Manufacturer 

Before Josh Parker was able to discover this great treatment, things were not good at his side as he was also infected, and he didn’t know he had this kind of disease that he transmitted his disease to his girlfriend which led to their breakup. He joined the military, underwent different exercise, and later, that was the time he discovered that the food that his co-Moroccan soldiers ate was a great treatment against Herpes. After that, he asked his scientist to further research about it and until such time, he successfully created this tool.

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To fully understand how this treatment works, one should know what is a Herpes. Herpes was an incurable disease before, and while you are infected by this, you would most likely experience the symptoms of having painful urination and tiny little blisters at some specified parts of your body. Luckily, you don’t have to worry anymore if you have this because they found the cure.


As what it is written in the introduction of the Herpes Blitz Protocol Review, it is based on the natural home remedies. These are the Moroccan ingredients’ resveratrol, quercetin, and curcumin which he found out that they act as anti-herpes virus during his military days.


This first good thing about this is that the product is affordable for everyone out there. Because of this, you don’t have to spend too much money in purchasing medicines that would just elevate the symptoms of the said disease. As long as you have Herpes Blitz Protocol, then you would be fine.

The second good thing about this is that product only consist ingredients that are natural which means don’t expect that it contains harmful side effects at all but as long as you would follow the whole guidelines correctly. These would make the whole program, 100% safe to use.

The third good thing about this


If you are not fond of drinking veggie smoothies, then this would be probably a disadvantage for you. As it has weird taste coming from those three ingredients, then probably, you should start practicing drinking smoothie if ever you are thinking to buy this one. Another disadvantage is that it, not a physical product, and you could download and print this book for you to follow the guides written there.

Side effects

As of now, most people who tried this protocol didn’t experience slight complication while following the guides. Since most of the ingredients are natural, it is impossible to experience side effects unless you have an allergy to those ingredients used.


If you are really curious to try this program, then you must consult your doctor to have a permission to try this tool as it may trigger your other disease that you have such as allergy, if ever you have one of those, and your doctor would fully examine you if your body is ready for such things but you don’t have to absolutely undergo surgery when testing this program because all of you have to do is to strictly follow the instructions that are indicated inside, to avoid future complication if there any of it.

How long do you need to follow Herpes Blitz Protocol?

Naturally, it can eliminate the causative agent within 21 days. If ever you think that you still have the said disease, then it is much better to consult to a doctor as they will know why it takes more than the average time for you to get rid of the Herpes virus.

It is based on two phases which are “Search Phase” and “The Destroy Phase”. On the “Search Phase”, you are asked to drink smoothies that supposedly act as a block for the LSD-Protein 1 for a week. By stopping the LSP-Protein 1, the said virus would stop replicating and hiding from an infected person’s immune system. Through the Destroy Phase, your immune system would strengthen up and become powerful enough to eliminate those viruses.

Where can you look for Herpes Blitz Protocol?

This Herpes Blitz Protocol has its own official website, and you could easily search for it using your browsers. It is highly advised for you to visit their website, so you could learn more including the possible price of this protocol.

I consider this one as a legit protocol to help yourselves fight against the disease and this was not fully created by Josh Parker, as he asks a help from his friend who is a researcher, to study the things that Josh found out. Besides that, this tool became popular for treating Herpes Virus which is a good thing because they were able to recognize it.

Final Conclusion 

For those people who are struggling with both disease and money, then this program can be recommended for you. Trying this simple dietary plan won’t kill you as you know that it is created by natural home remedies and it is impossible to have a side effect from those ingredients. Judging from different Herpes Blitz Protocol Review, many people who are diagnosed with this disease, endorse this Herpes Blitz Protocol for its great results when it comes to curing Herpes Virus.

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