[Back to Life] Erase My Back Pain / Back Pain Stretch Review (Emily Lark)

Emily Lark has developed a program that guarantees to eliminate back pain forever. It this is a legitimate program, then it can definitely change our lives forever. No more staying in bed for a day because of pain, we will no longer miss out parties and family gatherings. Erase My Back Pain program is designed to strengthen and eliminate back pain for good. You will see different Back to Life – Erase My Back Pain reviews all over the net but in this review, we’ll be telling you a lot of things about Lark’s program.

Having back pain is one of the worst things a person can experience. It’s very painful and it affects the whole body. We can’t proceed with our daily lives because we are being hindered by the excruciating pain. Out back is the connecting bridge of our upper and lower body. If we feel pain in our back, our limbs are also affected.

Hopefully, this review would help readers appreciate the product and how beneficial it could be, especially for those who are already experiencing horrible back pain.

Use it or Lose it.

When we are young, our body is very flexible and through physical activities, we strengthen it without even paying attention to it. But as time goes on, our physical activities becomes less. We get tied up with our jobs, sitting all day staring at a computer monitor. That actually weakens our body, especially our backs. If we don’t exercise of even stretch our back muscles regularly, we use its strength and muscle tone.

So when we do other physical tasks that involve pressure to our backs, we feel pain. Our body is not used to the pressure and strain that physical tasks require.

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If we don’t really use our back muscles or exercise, we lose the muscle tone and strength.

Who is Emily Lark and why did she create the Erase My Back Pain program?

The author of Erase My Back Pain program is a well-know fitness instructor and wellness coach. Her reputation as one of the leading personalities in the health and fitness industry goes back several years already. She one of the most sought after instructors in the United States that specializes in Yoga and Pilates. She has her own Yoga studio that has opened in 2014 and is still popular for people of all ages.

The development of the program started when Emily Lark met a horrific car accident that damaged her back. According to her, it was so bad that she had to quit work to focus on rehabilitating her back and to have medical treatments. She was advised to undergo surgery to alleviate the pain but chose not to. She didn’t want to undergo surgery and so she worked hard to understand back pain and how to eliminate it.

Extensive research has been conducted with the aim of freeing herself from the nasty pain on her back. That was when she came up with a simple but effective routine that eased her pain. It was an achievement for her and she wants to share the wonderful news not only to her clients, but to everyone who wants to feel the benefits of following the program that she developed.

How does the Erase My Back Pain program work?

The Erase My Back Pain program is not only about toning muscles and full range exercises. It also guides the client how to manage and prepare meals that are healthy and that could add up for a faster and better result. Lists of ingredients or herbs are also mentioned in the program that could eliminate the pesky back pain.

The program that was created by Emily prepares clients on how to handle sudden sciatic pain and how to manage it effectively. Restoring the homeostasis in the lumbar area is the main focus of the program. It can be achieved by restoring muscles, tendons, nerves, and ligaments balance. Core strengthening exercises are also included in the Erase My Back Pain program that guarantees the elimination of back pain forever.

Key Features of The Program – addons and bonuses

For those people who always sit while working, following the step-by-step tutorial videos is a must. The videos are easy to follow and would deliver quality results.

Healthy Back Checklist is a bonus inclusion in the program. It shows how to reduce or eliminate chronic back pain by maintaining proper posture, correct body mechanics, and much more.

The main focus of the instructional videos of Emily Lark are correct body posture, proper body mechanics, great sleeping position that induce better rest, nutritional guide for overall wellness, and the most important thing; daily simple lumbar area movements or simple spinal exercises.

If you search the net, you will find tons of Back to Life – Erase My Back Pain reviews and testimonials that point to it being an effective means of eliminating back pain. In addition to that, customers also reported that overall, they felt better and more confident after undergoing the program. By reading those feedback, you would already know that what we’re dealing with here is not a scam.

We are now going to discuss the pros and cons of Emily’s program. You can weigh each one of them to make sure that if you would buy the program in the near future, you definitely understand what you would be getting.


  • The program is developed for everyone. Fat, thin, young or old, it doesn’t matter. The special program would benefit all body types;
  • It would enlighten clients about proper nutrition that would eliminate back pain and regain well-balanced body;
  • It is not time-consuming. Most exercise programs require at least 30 minutes of intense workout to deliver results. The good thing is, Emily Lark’s exercise programs usually last for 10 minutes;
  • Less time working out, more time to enjoy life without pain;
  • It super easy to buy and very economical;
  • The program doesn’t solely focus on your back, but it targets the whole body as well;
  • You can get the product fast. It’s convenient since you only need to order online; and
  • There are also bonus product included such as Back To Life Yoga videos and Back To Life Guided Meditation Audio series.


  • It’s not advisable for those people who want to look like body-builders;
  • It can’t be bought from bookstores or pharmacies; and
  • You can only purchase the product online

Would we recommend buying the program?

The answer is “yes”. Emily Lark’s program is effective if followed religiously. The promise of eliminating back pain is true given the fact that the exercise programs are backed up by science. Strengthening body core, performing full-range stretching, and yoga poses are proven to increase the durability of our back. If in the event you’re not satisfied with the product, the author offers a 60-day money back guarantee program.

We hope that this Back to Life – Erase My Back Pain review enlightened you in such a way that you’re considering getting the program. Maybe not for yourself but to someone who you knows need Emily’s natural, easy-to-follow program. If you still think that this might be a scam, you can visit the website at http://erasebackpainnow.com/ to know more about the program and for you to see if there are coupons and discounts.